Yximalloo - Techno Temple Choir
  • Artist: Yximalloo
  • Category: Classical
  • Name: Techno Temple Choir
  • Size: 1339mb
  • Quality: flac, MP3
Yximalloo - Techno Temple Choir
  • Tracklist

    Habit Side
    A1 Catholic Ghetto #23
    A2 Let's Go To The Snake Charmer's Boat
    A3 A-E-A-E-A #3
    A4 E-Chin 卍 #6
    A5 Tranced
    A6 Too-Doo-Bong
    A7 Needle Anesthesia
    A8 Kudalumping #2 - Back In The U.S.S.R.
    A9 Grass Fish
    A10 Khaki Men #5
    A11 SA'I'MIN #2
    A12 100 Colors Tribe
    Poisoning Side
    B1 The Desk! Smile!
    B2 Creeper Do Multiprise Wis 4 Dimention-Ly In Za Forest #5
    B3 Nerves Paralysis
    B5 1000 Questions
    B6 Opposite Roochoo Calculation Of A Formula
    B7 The 8th Month
    B8 Voice From The 99
    B9 E-Chin 卍 #7
    B10 Brother Of Pipes
    B11 Throbbing Heart


    • Artwork – Jad Fair
    • Performer [Magic Boxes], Strings [Small & Big 6 Strings, Small 4 Strings], Organ [Mouth Organ], Vocals – Shigeo Ootake
    • Vocals, Drums, Performer [Suzu, Kitchens, Kane, Gangan], Pipe [Pipes], Electronics [Taperecorder], Strings [Big 6 Strings], Organ [Portable] – Naofumi Ishimaru

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